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The Data Recovery Geeks is the leader in hard drive, portable media, server and RAID array and all other types of data recovery services. With over 30 years of experience, we posses the technological know how, certified clean rooms, and superior and advanced computer and hard drive scanners, software and equipment. If you have lost valuable data, call the experts at the Data Recovery Geeks today. We offer a completely FREE diagnostic and also offer an unbeatable “No Data, No Charge” guarantee where if we cannot recover your data, we do not charge you a single penny!

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About Us

A crashed hard drive stuffed full of essential files and can be an extremely irritating occurrence. At The Data Recovery Geeks we offer extensive data recovery services in order to meet all of our customer’s individual and company data recovery needs. Our “No Data, No Charge” policy guarantees that you will not be charged if we cannot successfully retrieve your files. We are confident that won’t happen due to our 98% success rate and 30 years experience in the data recovery service business. If your hard drive has failed, call our techs now to speak with one of our data recovery experts.

How We Help Clients

Although data loss is unpreventable in many cases, our specialists from The Data Recovery Geeks can quickly retrieve the lost data. Our hard drive data recovery professionals will provide you with a free analysis to determine the extent of damage and an estimated cost. If you need hard drive data recoveryimmediately, The Data Recovery Geeks offers emergency services for an additional charge.

Your Data is Safe with Our Company

We also ensure that your data is kept private at our hard drive data recovery company. At The Data Recovery Geeks, our data recovery service specialists developed an excellent track record due to this privacy policy. In addition, our data recovery crew is very knowledgeable about the various manufacturers and they also acquire a high level of training.

What to Steer Clear Of for Optimal Success

At The Data Recovery Geeks, we understand how essential it is to offer successful data recovery service. As a result, it is crucial for you to call us quickly after observing an issue with your hard drive since you do not want to permanently lose the files. You should never try to repair your hard-drive on your own since this greatly increases the risk of permanent data loss. Upon observing the clicking or grinding sounds connected with platters being scratched, it is essential to instantly turn off your computer. We also do not suggest turning an external hard drive on and off if it has been harmed because this will not cause it to return to working order.

Cleanrooms to Guard Your Computer

It is challenging to beat the track record for successful data recovery that we have set at The Data Recovery Geeks. Our Class 10 and 100 cleanrooms have helped us acquire this reputation because they work to prevent harmful, airborne contaminants from hurting your computer. By having Class 10 cleanrooms, we can make certain that your computer’s internal parts are kept free from airborne particles.

We make it our objective to offer fast and inexpensive data recovery services at The Data Recovery Geeks. If you want your data recovery work to be conducted by highly-trained specialists, be sure to give us a call today.


Is Data Recovery Effective?

Thanks to our special tools, testing equipment and highly-trained staff, our data recovery efforts succeed 98 percent of the time. The only time we ever fail to retrieve the data is if the computer has been run over by a semi or for some other unforeseeable circumstance.

How Long Does Hard Drive Data Recovery Take?

It normally only takes our team two to five days to complete the hard drive recovery process. By doing so, we have plenty of time to get the job done right without keeping you away from your computer for a substantial amount of time.

What if I Need my Procedure to be Expedited?

If you need to have your computer back faster, we do offer an emergency service. We charge a somewhat higher fee for the emergency service as we must pay more technicians to work on your system. Call the Data Recovery Geeks to learn more.

Will My Hard Drive be Harmed During the Hard Drive Data Recovery?

While removing the case from a hard drive could pose a threat in ordinary conditions, our hard drive data recovery will never cause harm to your device. Aside from our experience, the sanitation of our rooms allow us to meet Class 10 and Class 100 guidelines ensuring your hard drive will not come across harmful, airborne particles.

What Causes Data Loss?

Data loss can be caused by everything from accidentally deleting the files to a virus or hard drive crash.

Will My Personal Information be Secured?

Our staff realizes that the hard drive on your system may contain personal information for you or your customers if you are a company owner. We take this concept extremely seriously as we do not want you or our company to end up in a suit over potential identity theft. Your computer will be monitored 24/7 to ensure that the information is not in danger.

Is Loss Of Data Preventable?

Aside from being extremely careful with the files you download and the sites you visit, you cannot prevent your computer’s hard drive from losing files as it can do so for a number of reasons. Storing your files as a paper copy or storing them on a backup drive or disc is another excellent safety measure


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