Our Services

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery
  • Portable Media Data Recovery- includes flash drives, external hard drives, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • RAID array and Server Data Recovery

At The Data Recovery Geeks we understand the aggravation associated with losing essential or precious memories stored on your computer’s hard drive. Due to this, we do whatever it takes to ensure a successful recovery of your data. Despite the frustration of losing the files, our specialists realize that you do not want to drain your bank account to have them restored. This is why we ensure that our hard drive recovery prices are the most competitive in the industry. Give our staff a call immediately after you observe you have lost files.

Serving Business Owners

As a business owner, you likely utilize your computer to save invoices and client records. While this a major convenience, losing these records due to a hard drive crash is a big problem. Initially, your concern will be wondering how you will get this information back. After that, you will be hit with the anxiety of wondering how you can explain to clients that their data is missing since they may think this suggests a security threat. Fortunately, we can retrieve the lost files for you during our data recovery solutions. We even have the equipment to manage RAID data recovery.

Lost Files on Personal Computers

Losing files on your computer may be more of a frustration than a catastrophe but we still understand that these files mean the world to you. Since this is the case, you can count on us to have them restored for an inexpensive price. To make things even better, it does not take us long at all to restore most files. Another excellent benefit of letting us help you is our Class 10 and 100 cleanrooms, which work to shield your computer’s internal parts.

Regardless of whether you are business owner who has lost customer information or someone who has lost photos from your getaway last summer, data loss can be extremely frustrating. This is why we offer such timely service at The Data Recovery Geeks. Additionally, we also price our services reasonably so it will not cost you a lot of money to track down your lost files. Customers like you should also know that your computer will be secure at our facility due to our cleanrooms and privacy policy. Let us put an end to your data loss frustration by calling our data recovery company now.